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How Much Does the Colorado Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

The Colorado Department of Public Health and and Environment (CDPHE) is the state agency tasked with registering patients and caregivers into the state’s medical marijuana program. It also issues medical cannabis registry ID cards to individuals registered in this program. Colorado does not issue physical marijuana cards. However, patients and caregivers can easily download and print their MMJ cards from their profiles on the Colorado medical marijuana registry. The state’s Board of Health adopted a new medical marijuana application processing fee on May 15, 2024. This new fee became effective on July 15, 2024.

Cost of Physician Consultation

Colorado requires each adult patient applying for its medical marijuana card to obtain a physician certification. A minor must provide two certifications from different physicians. While physicians do not charge for certification, they do charge for consultations. The cost of a physician consultation is determined by each practice but typically varies from $100 to $250. Note that a physician certification for medical marijuana use in Colorado must be renewed annually.

Colorado Medical Marijuana Card Fee

Colorado’s new medical marijuana application processing fee is $52. After successfully joining the state’s medical cannabis program, a patient or caregiver gets an electronic registry ID attached to their profile on the Colorado medical marijuana registry. They can print this ID if they wish to carry around a physical medical marijuana card. The CDPHE does offer medical marijuana registration fee waiver for indigent applicants. To qualify for a fee waiver, the applicant must provide their tax return for the current year from the Colorado Department of Revenue. This return must confirm that their household income is equal to or less than 185% of the amount specified for the Federal Poverty Level.

Colorado Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Cost

A Colorado medical marijuana card or registration is only valid for one year and must be renewed annually. The renewal fee is $52, the same as the initial application fee.

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