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Does Colorado Require a Marijuana Accelerator Manufacturer License to Make Cannabis Products?

Colorado requires a marijuana accelerator manufacturer to hold a license pursuant to Section 44-10-103 (4) of the Colorado Revised Statutes. This law defines an accelerator manufacturer as a social equity licensee eligible to partake in the established accelerator program. It also authorizes an accelerator manufacturer to benefit from the privileges of a retail marijuana products manufacturer on the site of an accelerator-endorsed retail marijuana products manufacturing licensee. Some activities that marijuana accelerator manufacturer licensees are authorized to engage in are the production, processing, preparation, and packaging of marijuana products. Accelerator manufacturer licensees are also allowed to distribute retail marijuana concentrates and retail marijuana products on the premises of an accelerator-endorsed manufacturing licensee.

The Colorado accelerator manufacturer license does not have a single license covering manufacturing and other types of cannabis activities, including retail sale, cultivation, distribution, etc.

Does Colorado Require Licensed Cannabis Accelerator Manufacturers to Have Cultivation Licenses?

No, Colorado does not require licensed cannabis accelerator manufacturers also to hold cultivation licenses. Licensed cannabis accelerator manufacturers may obtain marijuana from licensed cultivators and other manufacturers within Colorado. Colorado does not permit an accelerator manufacturer to transfer to a marijuana business establishment that holds a Centralized Distribution Permit any retail marijuana concentrates or marijuana products that are not within any intended use identified in Rule 3-1015(B). However, an accelerator manufacturer can transfer retail marijuana concentrates or marijuana products to marijuana business establishments that hold an Alternative Use Designation. The Alternative Use Designation is obtained from the State Licensing Authority (Marijuana Enforcement Division of the Colorado Department of Revenue) in consultation with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. During the application for an Alternative Use Designation, the accelerator manufacturer shall work with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED). Together with the accelerator manufacturer, these two bodies shall ascertain whether the proposed Alternative Use Product may be manufactured in a way that does not jeopardize public health and safety when specific independent tests, safeguards, and review factors are initiated. The minimum requirements for an application for an Alternative Use Designation include:

  • The accelerator manufacturer shall be required to prove that its proposed Alternative Use Product may be manufactured in a way that does not jeopardize public health and safety when specific independent tests, safeguards, and review factors are initiated.
  • The accelerator manufacturer shall determine the provisions of Rule 6-825 that are applicable to its Alternative Use Product, any proposed substitute or supplementary requirements, and how they protect public health and safety. The Accelerator Manufacturer shall also make available any additional information the MED may request in consultation with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
  • An accelerator manufacturer looking to get an Alternative Use Designation must cooperate with the MED, as failure to do this may result in a denial of an Alternative Use Designation.
  • The State Licensing Authority, Marijuana Enforcement Division, in consultation with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, has discretionary authority over granting an Alternative Use Designation. The MED may, in their discretion, deny an Alternative Use Designation where the Accelerator Manufacturer does not fulfill the established requirements.

How Does Colorado Classify Marijuana Accelerator Manufacturer Licenses?

In Colorado, the marijuana accelerator manufacturer license is not classified regardless of the production methods, types of chemicals used for extraction, and post-processing procedures the manufacturing establishments use, or whether the establishments are in shared or single-use facilities.

What are the Different Types of Cannabis Accelerator Manufacturer Licenses in Colorado?

The only license issued for cannabis accelerator product manufacturing in Colorado is the accelerator manufacturer license.

Does Colorado Require a Separate License to Manufacture Edibles?

The production of edibles is legal in Colorado with certain limitations, but no separate license is issued to cannabis marijuana to supplement the accelerator manufacture license. An accelerator manufacturer that manufactures edible retail marijuana products is required to develop and maintain detailed manufacturing processes and standard production procedures for each edible marijuana product it manufactures. The accelerator manufacturer must document and make available the manufacturing processes and standard production procedures on the licensed premises for inspection by the Marijuana Enforcement Division, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, and local licensing authorities.

How to Get a Cannabis Manufacturing License in Colorado

The Marijuana Enforcement Division of the Colorado Department of Revenue is responsible for issuing the marijuana accelerator manufacturer license in accordance with the state’s Accelerator Program. The Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) issues this license to social equity licensees. Hence, interested persons must meet the following requirements to qualify for the accelerator manufacturer license:

  • The applicant must be a resident of Colorado. To prove their residency, an applicant may provide any of the following IDs:
    • An unexpired valid Colorado identification card with a current address or a Colorado driver’s license
    • A government-issued photo ID and two of the documents listed below:
      • Voter registration card
      • Bank statement
      • Vehicle registration
      • Utility or telephone bill
      • Recent contract/mortgage statement
      • Recent County tax notice
      • Statement from a major creditor
  • The applicant or collectively one or more social equity licensees holds not less than 51% of the regulated marijuana business license's beneficial ownership.
  • The applicant has not been the beneficial owner of a regulated marijuana business license subject to legal or disciplinary action from Colorado, leading to a marijuana license revocation.
  • The applicant can provide proof for at least one of these three points:
    • The applicant has lived in a census tract assigned by the Office of Economic Development and International Trade as an opportunity zone or a disproportionately impacted area for not less than 15 years (between 1980 and 2010). An area is referred to as disproportionately impacted if it is a census tract in the top 15% of any of the following:
      • The number of persons receiving public assistance
      • Poverty
      • Unemployment
      • School dropout rates
    • In this case, an applicant can provide any of the following to prove their residence during the specified period:
      • Bank records, tax returns, utility bills, loan documents, school records, rental or lease agreements, mortgage statements, or other documents prove the applicant’s residency.
      • An affirmation, under penalty of perjury, of the applicant’s primary home. The applicant will also be required to make available the name(s) and contact details of at least one person who can confirm the applicant’s place of residency during the applicable period.
    • The applicant or their spouse, parent, legal guardian, sibling, child, or minor in their guardianship was arrested or convicted of a marijuana crime or was subject to the forfeiture of their civil assets linked to a marijuana investigation. The applicant will be required to submit affirmation of the familial relationship and court or other documents indicating; * The family member’s arrest or conviction; or * That the family member was subject to asset forfeiture associated with a marijuana investigation
    • The applicant's household income in the year before the application was not more than an amount determined by the rule of the Marijuana Enforcement Division. The applicant must provide their tax return for the previous year.

Applicants that qualify to be social equity licensees may follow the steps below to apply for an accelerator manufacturer license:

  • Review the checklist on the Regulated Marijuana Business License Application – Social Equity Program and carefully complete it, following the guidelines provided in the application.
  • Provide the required documentation specified on the application.
  • Complete and submit a request for Finding of Suitability - Owner Entity Application (Business Entity) - This applies to any of the following: 1. Executive or Qualified Institutional Investors who hold 30% or more of the RMB; 2. Any Entity holding 10% interest or more of the Owner's interest of an RMB; or 3. Any other Entity or affiliate that is otherwise in a position to execute control of the RMB. \ Applicants must submit their fingerprints, fingerprint receipts, and completed applications alongside their application packets. Applicants are required to visit a Colorado State Approved Third-Party Fingerprint Provider to get their fingerprints. An applicant must submit a Natural Person Suitability Application with the Owner Entity Application before submitting a new business application.
  • Pay the application fee: If the application fee is not paid, the MED will not be able to proceed with the intake of your application.
  • Pay local jurisdiction fees.
  • Submit the application package with the completed application, required documentation, and fees. Applicants may submit their applications online, by mail, or in-person drop-off.
    • Online: Submit your application package online with your computer, phone, or any device that has internet access. You may watch the training video for directions.
    • By mail: \ Marijuana Enforcement Division \ 1697 Cole Boulevard, Suite 200 \ Lakewood, CO 80401
    • In-person dropoff: \ MED's Lakewood Office \ 1697 Cole Boulevard \ Suite 200, Lakewood, CO 80401 \ The office can be visited between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. on business days.

Applicants should note that it is compulsory to get local approval from the Local Authority where they plan to operate marijuana business activities. The Local Authority Status List contains information on the local authorities that are willing to accept marijuana business applications. The Marijuana Enforcement Division will only accept new marijuana business license applications from marijuana business establishments that are located within a local authority's jurisdiction that is zoned for marijuana businesses. Hence, applicants are advised to apply for a license from the Local Licensing Authority within whose jurisdiction they intend to operate before applying for a state license. An applicant may also apply for their Local Licensing Authority's license at the same time they apply for the state marijuana business license application.

How Much Does a Cannabis Manufacturing License Cost in Colorado?

The application fee for a cannabis manufacturing license in Colorado is $300, while the license fee and the annual license renewal fee are $1,830. An applicant will also be required to pay local fees, which will be determined by the Local Authority where their marijuana business is established.

Applicants must make all payments by check or money order payable to the Colorado Department of Revenue or CDOR. The CDOR does not accept cash payments. When making payments, applicants must not add on extra service charges; instead, the additional service fees should be submitted by mail. Also, the Marijuana Enforcement Division allows applicants to make payments online via the Colorado Interactive Payment System. If an applicant pays the wrong amount, their application may take a longer time to process; hence, delaying the license issuance.

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