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Are there Marijuana Dispensaries in Fort Collins?

Yes. Marijuana dispensaries are allowed in Fort Collins under Article XVII of the Fort Collins Municipal Code.

Are there Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Fort Collins?

Yes. There are medical marijuana dispensaries in Fort Collins. Section 15-608 of the city code permits licensed entities with state and local licenses to operate retail medical marijuana stores in the city.

Can You Buy Cannabis from Online Weed Dispensaries in Fort Collins?

Yes. You can buy cannabis online from weed dispensaries in Fort Collins. There are no restrictions on the kind of cannabis products that may be purchased online. The variety of products available on-site at the dispensaries are also available to online buyers.

Visiting a Dispensary in Fort Collins

The following are vital considerations when visiting a cannabis dispensary in Fort Collins:

  • Age: You must be 21 or older to visit a Fort Collins cannabis dispensary legally. If you are visiting a medical marijuana dispensary, you must be 18 or older

  • Identification: To prove that you are a legal cannabis buyer, identification will be required at the dispensing facility. If you are visiting the dispensary to buy adult-use cannabis, you must hold a government-issued photo ID proving that you are 21 or older. If you are buying medical marijuana, you must provide a medical marijuana identification card

  • Hold Cash: Fort Collins cannabis dispensaries typically accept credit cards when completing transactions. The commonly accepted mode of payment is cash. Therefore, you should bring cash with you to the dispensary

  • Consumption Policy: Cannabis consumption is not allowed on dispensary premises. Therefore, do not attempt to unseal your purchased products, let alone consume them on the grounds of a dispensary

Fort Collins Dispensary Laws

Fort Collins dispensary laws include the following:

  • A dispensary can only operate in Fort Collins upon obtaining the relevant state and local licenses and permits

  • A dispensary may not be established within 1,000 feet of a public playground, private or public preschool, elementary, secondary, vocational or trade school, college or university, or another dispensary

  • A dispensary may not be established within 500 feet of a residential unit, child care center, worship or religious assembly, public park, pool, recreation facility, juvenile or adult halfway house, correctional facility, or substance abuse rehabilitation or treatment center

  • It is unlawful for a marijuana dispensary to permit the consumption of retail cannabis products on the licensed premises of the dispensary

  • A dispensary may not sell adult-use cannabis to persons under the age of 21

  • A medical cannabis dispensary may not sell medicinal cannabis to persons without valid medical marijuana cards

Recreational Laws in Fort Collins

The statutes of the Colorado Marijuana Legalization Amendment regulate recreational cannabis activities in Fort Collins. These statutes stipulate that:

  • Fort Collins adults aged 21 or older may possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis and 8 grams of cannabis concentrates for personal recreational use

  • Driving or operating a motor vehicle in Fort Collins while under the influence of marijuana is illegal

  • The use of cannabis in public areas is unlawful. A licensed hospitality business offering lobbies for marijuana use is the only exemption from this prohibition

  • Using or possessing cannabis on federal property in Fort Collins is a federal offense

  • Crossing state lines with cannabis in Fort Collins is illegal

  • It is unlawful to give or sell cannabis to minors

  • Adults of legal age may cultivate up to six cannabis plants, including three plants in the flowering stage. No more than 12 cannabis plants may be cultivated on a residential property regardless of the number of adults living there

Medical Cannabis Laws in Fort Collins

The medicinal cannabis laws in Fort Collins are the same as those contained under the Colorado medical cannabis law – Initiative 20. Fort Collins residents with one or more qualifying medical conditions may participate in the Colorado medical marijuana program. The Colorado medical marijuana program is a statewide program that allows individuals with qualifying medical conditions to get registry identification cards to buy medical marijuana legally. Residents with approved conditions above the age of 18 can enroll in the registry on their own. In contrast, those under the age of 18 require the assistance of their parents, legal guardians, or authorized caregivers to enroll in the program.

Registered patients can possess up to 57 grams of usable cannabis and consume it in their private homes. Patients may also grow up to six cannabis plants, three of which must be in the flowering stage. Under certain conditions, a patient may qualify to cultivate more cannabis plants at home. In such a situation, the patient must register the plants with the Colorado Department of Revenue and the individual’s patient registry number. Patients above the age of 18 can smoke medicinal cannabis indoors; however, patients under 18 are not permitted to consume marijuana in smokable form.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Fort Collins

In order to obtain a medical marijuana card in Fort Collins, you must fulfill the eligibility requirements and apply to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. To be eligible for the card, you must live in Fort Collins, be aged 18 or older, and have one or more approved health conditions. The approved medical conditions for medical marijuana use in Colorado are:

  • Glaucoma

  • Severe pain

  • Autism spectrum disorder

  • Severe nausea

  • Cachexia


  • Seizures

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Cancer

  • Any condition for which a physician may prescribe an opioid

  • Persistent muscle spasms

You must obtain a certification from a healthcare provider as proof you have any of the listed conditions. If you are between 18 and 20, Colorado law requires you to provide certifications from two healthcare providers from different medical practices. If you are under 18, you may apply if you have an approved condition and your primary parents are from Colorado.

Upon obtaining the required certification, follow these steps to complete your application:

  • Create a profile on the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry

  • Complete your application on the medical marijuana registry by providing the following:

    • A copy of the medical cannabis certification

    • A PDF or JPEG copy of your valid Colorado ID or driver's license

    • An application fee of $29.50. To qualify for a waiver, you must provide a copy of your certified State of Colorado tax return for the current tax year. You qualify for a waiver if your household income is less or equal to 185% of the Federal Poverty Level

To submit an application by mail:

Mail your complete application to:

Application Processing


4300 Cherry Creek Dr. S.

Fort Collins, CO 80246-1530

Mail-in applications take 6-8 weeks to process. Applicants who complete their applications by mail will have their medicinal marijuana certificates submitted online by their certifying physicians. The applicants will also have their cards mailed to their addresses when available. You may contact the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry by email at or by phone at (303) 692-2184 if you have not received your card or a letter within 35 days.

Online applications with all required information typically take 1-3 business days to process. When your online application is approved, you will be able to access your medical marijuana card through your CDPHE account.

Where is it Legal to Consume Cannabis in Fort Collins

You may consume cannabis in a private residence if the property owner permits, a licensed marijuana hospitality business, or a licensed marijuana hospitality and sales business.

How to Buy Cannabis at a Fort Collins dispensary

To buy cannabis from a dispensary in Fort Collins, you must find the address of a nearby dispensary. To find the addresses of weed dispensaries near you, put the search term "weed dispensaries near me" in an online search engine. You may also order marijuana online. Note that a Colorado ID, Colorado driver’s license, or other government-issued ID will be required to buy recreational cannabis, while you will need a medical marijuana card if you want to purchase medical cannabis.

The Average Price in Fort Collins

The average price per gram of high-quality cannabis in Fort Collins is between $10 and $15.

Most Popular Strains in Fort Collins

Some popular cannabis strains in Fort Collins are:

  • Afghan Kush

  • Sour Diesel

  • Trainwreck

  • Durban Poison

  • Mimosa

Can You Smoke in Public in Fort Collins

No. In Fort Collins, it is illegal to use marijuana in public places, including schools, transit facilities, playgrounds, parks, and entertainment zones.

How Much Marijuana Can You Possess at Once in Fort Collins

Residents aged 21 and older in Fort Collins may possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis or cannabis-infused products, 8 grams of cannabis concentrates, or marijuana products containing up to 800 milligrams of THC. Medical marijuana cardholders may possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis, 8 grams of cannabis concentrate, or marijuana products containing up to 20,000 milligrams of THC. If you are not a Fort Collins or Colorado citizen, you may only purchase up to a quarter ounce of marijuana per time.

Can I Ship Cannabis in Fort Collins

Federal law prohibits shipping cannabis from another state into or out of Fort Collins if it involves crossing state lines. You may ship marijuana from one Colorado city to Fort Collins or vice-versa, provided the substance is maintained in airtight containers and transported in the trunk of your vehicle.

Can I Order Cannabis Online in Fort Collins

Yes, you can order cannabis online in Fort Collins.

Are there 24 hours Dispensaries in Fort Collins

There are no stipulated hours of operation for weed dispensaries in Fort Collins. However, most dispensaries in the city close before 10 p.m.

Can Tourists Use Dispensaries in Fort Collins

Yes. Tourists with government-issued photo IDs showing that they are above 21 may use recreational marijuana dispensaries in Fort Collins.

Do You Need ID for Dispensary in Fort Collins

You do not need a medical marijuana license to buy cannabis for recreational use. Unless you are buying medical marijuana, you only need to show a government-issued ID proving you are of legal age (21) to consume cannabis in Colorado. However, to purchase medical marijuana products, a medical marijuana card is required.

Best Dispensaries in Fort Collins

The best weed dispensaries in Fort Collins:

  • The Green Solution

  • Organic Alternatives

  • Ace's Place

  • LivWell Enlightened Health Marijuana Dispensary

Do Dispensaries Scan your ID in Fort Collins

Fort Collins marijuana dispensaries scan customers’ IDs to ensure cannabis buyers are of legal age and identities to buy marijuana in the city.

How Many Dispensaries are in Fort Collins

There are 13 recreational cannabis dispensaries and 13 medical cannabis dispensaries in Fort Collins.

Can Dispensaries in Fort Collins Take Credit Cards?

Fort Collins weed dispensaries do not accept credit cards. Purchases of weed in the city are typically completed with cash. If you have not taken cash with you to a weed dispensary, you can use an ATM inside the dispensary to withdraw cash to complete your transaction.

How Many dispensaries Can You Visit in One Day?

You may visit multiple Fort Collins cannabis dispensaries in one day. However, you cannot buy more cannabis than permitted under Colorado law.

Do Dispensaries in Fort Collins Take Health Insurance?

No, cannabis businesses in Fort Collins do not take health insurance.

Do Dispensaries in Fort Collins Track How Much Weed You Buy?

Yes. Cannabis retailers in Fort Collins keep track of consumers’ purchases in compliance with state law.

Can You Enter a Dispensary in Fort Collins at Age 18?

No. You must be 21 or older to enter an adult-use cannabis dispensary in Fort Collins. Residents must be 18 or older to enter medical cannabis dispensaries.

Where Can I Find Fort Collins Cannabis Regulator’s Contact Information?

The cannabis regulating agency for cannabis operations and activities in Fort Collins is the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) of the CDOR (Colorado Department of Revenue). For more information on the contact details of the MED, see the MED page on the Colorado Department of Revenue’s website.

How Do I Report Illegal Cannabis Activities in Fort Collins?

To report illegal marijuana operations in Fort Collins, you may file a report to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division or contact the Fort Collins police department.